Sex chat rooms irc

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Sex chat rooms irc

The software that developed the whole concept was developed by a student who was not looking for profit.Today's most popular client softwares are not developed by the big software giants, such as Microsoft or Netscape, but by average people just looking to make the IRC community a better place.And so it was that I found myself on a rainy winter morning in Seattle on IRC chat with a group of students in Tel Aviv getting first-hand accounts of their feelings, their description of the sounds, and the sobering reality of what it felt like to have scud bombs land in one's city.This experience changed and ultimately cemented my perspective on how Internet technology was going to impact the way the people around the world learned about each other and the world.MIRC, the most popular client for PC's was written by Khaled Mardem-Bey, a regular person who was looking to make IRC easier for the average user.

It showed me the potential of the Internet as a globally-connecting venue for meaningful cultural collaboration and connections.

It seems that on IRC, the only barrier is language; geographical barriers have been torn down.

Friendships are forged, lovers are brought together, and ideas are shared among people who will never meet.

IRC is a very interesting aspect of the Information Superhighway; it is living, interactive text-- not archived information-- that is the teaching tool.

People are learning through a level and availability of interaction at levels that have never before been breached.

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Stereotypes are broken down and understanding is promoted.