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DISCOUNT B* Register one or more children in 3 or more classes each and receive off each child. This discount excludes all oth This math skills course helps prepare students for the newly revised New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test for Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, Brooklyn Technical High School and certain CUNY-based high schools. Ages 6-8 YPA 32 7 sess / 5.25 hours / 5 To enroll, students must be able to swim 15 yards and be comfortable in deep water. Math skills and test-taking strategies are covered. Includes elementary backstroke, treading water, improvement of crawlstroke and simple diving. In addition, they will transform Word Art into a spinning circle, and create stencil and glowing neon letters.Please bring a new fl ash drive to the fi rst session to save projects.Verbal skills and test-taking strategies are covered. YPP 191 5 sessions / 10 hours / LEHC / 5 Sat - am Mar 10-Apr 21 Students are engaged in extensive math practice and drills while in class and are taught strategies to use while taking the exam.

YPP240 5 sessions / 10 hours / LEHC / 5 Sat -2 pm Apr 28-Jun 2 Taught by an assistant college basketball coach.

Children can let their imaginations soar as they create their own comic book characters, develop a story line, make a cover illustration and put it all together in a comic book format to bring home with them at the end of the course. YPA 62 7 sessions / 5.25 hours / LEHC / 5 Swimming III for Ages 8-15 Skills taught include sidestroke, breaststroke, sculling and an introduction to the butterfl y stroke. NOTE: To enroll, students must be able to do the front crawl for 25 meters with rotary breathing, back crawl for 10 meters and tread water.

YPP 13 6 sessions / 7.5 hours / LEHC / Sat am-12 pm Mar 10-Apr 28 Children learn to play the piano in a relaxed environment.

English Language Arts (ELA) Reading and writing skills are developed in a supportive environment with a focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary and critical thinking.

Writing skills are strengthened as children respond in paragraphs and essays to both literary and nonfi ction selections. 6 sessions / 7.5 hours / LEHC / 5 Sat Mar 10-Apr 28 In a supportive environment, children focus on grade-appropriate computational skills and problem solving.

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YPP 231 6 sessions / 7.5 hours / LEHC / $110 Sat am-12 pm Mar 10-Apr 28 Power Point, a “slideshow on a computer,” will be used in a creative and fun way to learn to move characters along a motion path.

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