Free country people dating site

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Free country people dating site

Regardless of where you meet someone, dating is never a risk-free activity, but using a little caution and common sense will reduce your risk of meeting these types of individuals.

When you choose to meet your potential match, bring a friend or go on a blind date.

Ask that person to hold up a piece of paper with any word, for example, "hello" and take a photo of themselves.

We recommend all users to exercise good judgement when responding to members.

Special care should be taken when a user immediately requests you switch to private email or texting versus our messaging system.

Wiring money is the same as sending cash: once it's gone, you can't get it back.

It can be heartbreaking to think of being so disappointed by someone you thought you knew, but it doesn't have to bankrupt you, too.

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Pony tails, no makeup, t-shirts & torn jeans, no shirts, group photos, photos with children, just does not make a good first impression photo. You don't want someone to fall asleep while reading your profile. There should be just enough information to spark some interest and make someone want to learn more about you.