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Under Ayaz's rule, the city became a cultural and academic center, renowned for poetry.

situated on the route between the Indus River and Palibothra, or Pataliputra (Patna) mostly, in a tract of country called Kasperia (Kashmir).

Few references to Lahore remain from before its capture by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in the eleventh century.

The sultan took Lahore after a long siege and battle in which the city was torched and depopulated.

It was described as extending along the rivers Bidastes or Vitasta (Jhelum), Sandabal or Chandra Bhaga (Chenab), and Adris or Iravati (Ravi). The oldest authentic document about Lahore was written anonymously in 982.

It is called Hudud-i-Alam (The Regions of the World).

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In the 13th Century, the Loharana king, Chahir Ray, was betrayed by his confidant Kualnger, who turned traitor for a large fortune in gold and gems.

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